What My Students are Loving

Whew – it’s been a while. Sorry, life got crazy there for a while. I’m warming up for a Spring Break posting frenzy. In the meantime, here are some books and series my students are currently loving: The Princess in Black series This fairly new series really appeals to my girls who love princesses and pink […]

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Despite being a huge Lois Lowry fan, I’d never heard of this book until I came across it on the library shelf. The cover is somewhat reminiscent of The Giver and Gathering Blue, two of my all-time favorites, so I couldn’t resist reading it. Gossamer is so very unlike The Giver quartet, and yet so similar – in […]

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brown girl dreaming

Wow. I just consumed this book in about 2 hours, and all I can say is, WOW. Is it fiction? Autobiography? Memoir? Poetry? I don’t really know. It doesn’t matter. It’s raw, and compelling, and vivid. Imagery so clear that I have the full movie version running through my mind now, even after closing the […]

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Two of My Favorites

If you need a last minute Christmas gift for any 3-8 year olds in your life, try one of these two – or both! And to fully enjoy the gift, commit to reading the book(s) out loud to your special kid after the unwrapping. I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen Deceptively simple, yet […]

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Out of My Mind

Want to blow your kids’ minds? Read them this book. (I highly recommend it as a whole class read aloud.) Out of My Mind is the story of Melody, a 5th grader with cerebral palsy, who has been in special ed classes her whole life. The thing that only Melody knows is that her mind […]

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Perusing the Bookstore

I stopped by our local bookstore last weekend, just to see what’s new and interesting. Full disclosure: I did not actually purchase any of these titles (remember… I’m on a teacher salary). But YOU should buy them and share them with your kids/students. Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes, by Nicola Davies Who would have […]

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